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TGE2-280x280James Drake Coleman is a 27 year old singer/songwriter, producer, actor and model from Austin, Texas. His music is created through personal experiences that allows him to open up in the world of music.

James writes lyrics of enticing depth using similes and metaphors but can also write with distinctive candor. He wants listeners to think and yet feel connected with every emotion of the song.

Attending school for music, he plays guitar, piano and creates his own beats. However, he truly prides himself on his songwriting and vocal ability. He is consistently working and puts out new projects as often as he can.

“I want to cast a big net. As human beings, we are constantly shifting our moods and how we feel so I try to capture each of those feelings in my songwriting.”

Ever growing as an artist, James Drake takes the necessary steps to becoming the next sensation in the world.

“Since I was a kid, people have been asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I always responded with two words.. A Star. [laughs] I may not be there yet, but I will be.”



No shows booked at the moment.